Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Time for Telling Time...and a Blog Hop...and a FREEBIE too! :)

Happy Monday to you all! :)  Have you heard about the sale this week?

How exciting is that! :)
There were a few things that I didn't pick up on the last sale! :(
This one day sale is such a blessing! :)
My store will be on sale on Wednesday, so if there's something there that you wanted...Wednesday is your day! :)  Don't forget to put in the code for a deeper discount! :)

This hop is all about our best selling items, so today I'll share

This is one of my favorite units to teach! :)
It's super comprehensive and offers the students multiple opportunities for in class practice!

This pack is aligned to Common Core and has seven different activities for students to use while practicing telling time to the hour and half hour.

I start off by using my teaching powerpoints.  They are explicit.  The objective is mentioned within the powerpoint, and there is also an opportunity for whole group or partner review at the end after instruction.
Perfect for an observation!

Also included in the zip file are my anchor charts for telling time, along with all of the center games and recording sheets.

Last year, we used these for two and a half weeks! :)
Several of the stations we used even after that...the kids enjoyed them so much! :)
If you need resources for collaborative discussion, the analog/digital match activity or the read, listen and switch activity have high student engagement.

Because I used student friendly language in all of the activities, the students could either get the repetitive nature of the word patterns, or read the story problems independently.  

I've also got an adorable Grouchy Ladybug craft that would work GREAT for a portfolio assessment! :)

Just print out the clock cubes, glue them together, and let the kids roll and cover the correct digital time after they've read the correct analog time.

If you'd like this product for your own class, click HERE to be directed to it in my TPT store.

Next up is the lovely Karen Jones! :)
She was the sweetie behind my lovely TPT Sale button above! :)
Thanks so much for that Karen! :)
I can't wait to see what you've got for us on your page! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Peek at My Week: Pre-planning

Happy Sunday to you guys! :)
It's another installment of Peek at My Week hosted by the lovely DeeDee of Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten! :)
This past week was pre-planning for me! :)

My mom came all the way from New Jersey to help me out! :) There's nothing like mom!  Gosh!  I am so lucky that she LIKES to come and do Back to School stuff with me! :)
I also got my fall intern! :)  One of the new things UCF is doing, is asking that interns come during pre-planning so that they can experience prepping the classroom.  I think its a great idea, but...I have to admit I was a bit stressed by it. :/  Thankfully, I have a sweet intern who is really excited about helping out in the classroom and eventually taking over! :)  Plus...he's really handy for picking up heavy things and stapling things up high! LOL! :)  We have several new teachers on our team this year!  Crystal just came to our school from Jacksonville!  I am so excited about her fresh ideas! :)  

Ya'll know how much I love pirates!
Well, I had some old students visit and new ones too! :)
Here were a few of my 'mates' in their pirate gear!! :)

In keeping with my theme, I had some of these awesome puff goldfish in class for my kidletts! :)
They were gluten free for some of my littles with allergies!
They taste super yummy! :)  The kids seemed to enjoy them! :)
Do you have a pirate theme in your room?
Feel free to click HERE to download my labels for this quick Meet the Teacher or first day of school healthy treat! :)
After the kids left from meet the teacher, I spent the rest of the morning prepping for the first week of school! :)
I have my lesson plans done, my files in order, and I'm ready to rock out on Monday morning! :)
Before I share my plans, I wanted to share that I do a weekly update for my parents using these editable newsletters from Laura Martin over at Peace, Love and First! :)

Editable Newsletters

They are super easy on ink, and since they are editable, and I used them faithfully last year...I just have to tweak them a bit this year and I'm ready to go! :)
Here's a peek at my first newsletter to my parents! :)

Next, first week of visual lesson plans! :)
 photo Slide1_zpsf554437f.png

 photo Slide2_zpse0ff012c.png

I'm so excited about the new ideas I have planned for the children this week! :)
If you want to have a copy of these plans with clickable links so that you can get to the units, please click HERE.

I am super excited about my first week of math lessons! :)
We use a basal for math, and it really doesn't make any room for review, so, I wrote this mini unit so that I had some resources to get the kids 'warmed up' this week! :)

If you wanted to check out my Nutty for Numbers Unit, please click HERE.

Here are the new pirate themed coloring sheets that are on every desk for the first day of school! :)
If you like them and teach K-2, click HERE to download the file! :)

 photo PirateColoring_zps20653d1c.png

What are you up to in you room?
See you next Sunday night!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Dozens' Blog Hop!

Happy Friday to you all! :)
It's a great day! :)
I'm so excited to share in this hop opportunity with such talented bloggers!

My most wishlisted item is

Last year, I started writing differentiated fluency passages for my students. I had never tried leveled fluency homework before.  I saw TONS of great growth in their ability to read fluently! :)  Teachers across the country are giving me great feedback on it! :)  I'm just thrilled that it's working in other classrooms as well!
Take a look! :)

My freebie for this hop is my Poetry Journal poems from August & September! :)
You can click on the hyperlink above! :)

Do you want to win my differentiated fluency and tons of others?

Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now...let's keep going! :) Hop on over to one of my one of the sweetest bloggers I know...the lovely Casey Jane from Wiggling Scholars! :)