Sunday, December 21, 2014

All I Want For Christmas is....A TPT Gift Certificate!

I love a good gift card at the holidays! :)
I can go to my favorite store and get exactly what I want.
Did you know that TPT does gift cards?
Well, they sure do! :)

Once you log in to TPT, you can head over to the gift card page.  It looks like this...
Click HERE to go to the gift card page.

Select a gift card of any amount and it will be deducted from your PayPal...or of course, you can pay with a different debit or credit card.
And Voila!  You have a great gift for a teacher friend!

In honor of the holiday...and the theme of this post...I thought it would be a fun idea to give away a $10 gift card!
All you have to do is follow my blog and my TPT store to earn some entries into the giveaway.

I will pick a winner on Christmas Eve! :)
Good luck everyone! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are other bloggers that are participating in gifting fellow teachers with a ten dollar gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you are interested in winning a gift card from another favorite blogger, please check out the other bloggers listed in the link up below.  Thank you Laura Candler for such a fun way to celebrate our teacher followers! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

All my favorite things...

I am linking up with my sweet bloggy friend, Erica, over at Erica's EdVentures for a linky on favorite things!

Favorite #1:
So I couldn't kick this off without saying that I love food!

I put it in everything...well, except scrambled

My friends laugh at this about me all the time!

Eek...sorry to offend you raisin lovers...but, I don't like them at. all. :(

BACON! #thatisall

Favorite #2:
Another favorite of mine is my Teacher Foodie Pinterest Board!
Click HERE to follow!
I got together with a few of my blogging buddies and we collaboratively pin to a board about food! :)  Lots of the recipes are quick and easy ones for busy teachers!

Favorite #3:
Hanging with my bloggy sisters

This last year has probably been the hardest I've had...since ever. :(  One day, when I feel better, I'll blog about it.  These girls have been EVERYTHING this year!  They love and encourage me--take time out of their schedules to check on me.  I'm super lucky.  Love these girls a lot!

Favorite #4:
Taking pics of stuff I cook

Have I mentioned that I like food?  I mean...I like to eat it...I like to cook it...I like to talk about it.
Food is my friend! :)
I usually post my 'foodie' pics on instagram.
The pic above was a pumpkin cheese dip I made with a REAL PUMPKIN!  It was so delicious! :)

Favorite #5:
Eating at Keke's
Their pumpkin pancakes at good!

Favorite #6:
My sweet Chase & Bailey
Last year, God brought a new friend into my life and it was so timely! :)  Her family has been a huge blessing this year!
I routinely 'borrow' her kids because they are my 'anti-depressants'.  NO. ONE. is sad around Chase and Bails...EVER!  They are the best kids! :)  Love them to pieces!

Favorite #7:
Stuff with pirates

I have a pirate themed classroom. My students know that I love piratey now, they bring me all kinds of pirate booty! :)  I LOVE it! :)
So glad I went with this three years ago.  I still get a kick out of it.
Well, those are some of my favorites...what are some of yours?
Link up with Erica to share! :)

Holiday Crafts

I'm on Winter Break ya'll! :)

It's been a long week for me, but...I made it! :)
I'm excited to be sharing about a couple of the crafts I did for the holiday.

Ashley over at Just Reed is hosting a linky about crafts, so, I figured I'd share there too! :)  Thanks for including us Ash!

I am sure that you've seen the reindeer craft before.  I found that on Pinterest. :)

Rudolph hand print ornaments - adorable!  Parents will love these and they are an easy craft to accomplish before winter break.  Do you have your crafts planned for your classroom already?
Click HERE to see the pin on Pinterest!
These adorable sled craft ornaments are part of my child care kids parent gifts this year. I always like to incorporate their photos into holiday crafts – it’s just amazing how much they change in a year! To make the sled ornaments: Lay 4 wide craft sticks side by side. Apply glue to one thin […]
Click HERE to see this pin on Pinterest.

We made fun winter placemats for our yearly holiday show!  I use this activity to introduce the kids to measuring with non-standard units.  We used unifix cubes to measure the three snowmen and the tree.  The students were able to add other things to it that they liked.  I graded it on a rubric!  Great way to get an extra math grade while the kids are having fun! :)

The last craft that I did was one I came up with on my own! :)  I love to look at drawings that my kids make!  If I like it...I figure that parents like it too! :)
I made a calendar with space for my kids to draw a picture for each month.  They came out pretty cool! :)

The drawings were so much fun to look through! :)  I've got some pretty talented artists! 

I didn't have the kind of spiral binding that had a built in hook for hanging.  So, I got creative.  I used cardstock and built a tent behind each calendar.  I laminated the cover for durability and VOILA! :)
We have calendar!!

The beauty of this type of calendar is that it works for even your students who don't celebrate holidays or birthdays!  There are no shamrocks or Christmas birthday cupcakes or conversation hearts.  The kids can make each image fit what they want!  This year, all of my kids celebrate holidays, but one of my teammates that I plan with has a student that doesn't celebrate.  

Here were some of the ideas we came up with to help her complete her calendar.  
I hope that some of these ideas might be helpful to you as well! :)
Don't forget to check out some of the other ideas from the linky!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Take A Closer Look: December Edition...Arctic Unit!

Happy Monday friends! :)
I'm so excited to bring you another installment in the Take A Closer Look Blog Hop! :)
This month, we are going to look at...

I used these resources to help me build an Arctic Animals Unit! :)  My kids had a great time using the resources, and learning about the Arctic!

Winter Fluency Link on TPT
There are 15 numbered passages in this pack that cover themes from December through February.  They are all high first grade passages.

Arctic Fluency Link on TPT
This set has 10 passages that cover topics that relate to the Arctic.  I used several of these text as whole group mentor texts to introduce students to themes that I wanted to cover that relate to the Arctic.

I am so excited about my Arctic supplemental unit! :)  I'll be releasing it tonight after a few finishing touches!  It's my favorite one yet and my kids LOVED it! :)  I just want to make sure it's PERFECT for all of you that want to use it in January! :)
Follow me on TPT or FB so that you will know when it gets released! :)

Remember that my WHOLE store will be...
for the next two days!
Happy Shopping! :)
Make sure you keep the hop going by checking out my sweet Tutued Friend Vera over at the Tutu Teacher!
The Tutu Teacher