Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Getting Booed to Improve Morale

Welcome to my Wordless Wednesday post, hosted by the lovely Christina over at Sugar & Spice!

Morale has been really low in my county this year. :(  
One of the things that our school does to boost morale is themed gift exchanges!
I was 'booed' today! :)
I got stickers, candy, bandannas, sticky notes, a notepad, chocolate...and my faves...jumbo paper clips and white chocolate covered candy corn!

What does YOUR school do to boost morale among co-workers?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's Cookin' in Your Class: October Edition

Happy Fall, ya'll! :)
Welcome to my new monthly linky party, 'What's cookin' in your class'!  On this post, I'll be sharing some resources that I'll be using in my class for the month.  

I don't know about you, but, I love to take a peek into other people's classrooms and see what they are up to! :)  It is my hope that this linky will give us all an opportunity to see some resources that we can use in our classrooms! :)

Marvelous Morning Work for Firsties: October Edition {Comm
Click HERE for this resource.
Common Core Aligned Close Reading Lessons: Fire! Fire!
Click HERE for this resource!
Click HERE for this resource!
Differentiated Fluency for Seconds: October Edition
Click HERE for this resource.

Differentiated Fluency for Firsties {August - November}
Click HERE for this resource.
Pumpkin Writing {A Common Core Aligned Writing Pack for Firsties}
Click HERE for this resource!

All About Bats: A Common Core Aligned Literacy and Math Un
Click HERE for this resource!

Click HERE to check out this resource!

Mrs. Russell's Poetry Journal Poems for October/November
Click HERE for this resource.
Mrs. Russell's Poetry Journal Halloween Edition
Click HERE for this resource.
Going 'Batty' for Story Problems {Freebie}
Click HERE for this resource.
Halloween Themed: Sentence Scramble
Click HERE for this resource.
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Don't want to be a meanie...but...rules are rules! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Peek at my Week: Week 6: Games and Friends

Happy Sunday to you all! :)
I am back with another installment of
Hosted by DeeDee Wills of Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten.
This past week was so full!
I handed out my first progress reports this week and had a slew of conferences.
Can anyone else relate to this? *sigh*

Our team weights our grades, so I prepared this progress report for my kids.  My teammates liked it too, so I personalized it for them! :)
We celebrated our reading goals with a popsicle party!

I created tickets for each student who was eligible, and I laminated them so we can use them next year.  One of my teammates had an adorable Pumba hat!  She ended up collecting all of our tickets so the kids could get their popsicles!  I've drafted her to wear it every time and collect tickets because it was so fun! :)  I printed them on yellow paper and they came out super nice!
We had a professional development day on Friday.  We spent the entire day working on planning. It was really long, but we kept the mood light and tried to keep one another encouraged.
A family that lives across the street from our school owns a bakery and they brought all of our staff cupcakes! :)  Delicious! :)
As far as content...Last week, I taught my students all about different sports that you can play with your friends.  We focused our writing with one of my favorite writing packs! :)
Want to check this out on TPT?  Click HERE.
 I also got to teach character lessons with my brand new conflict resolution unit! :)  One of my favorite books for character ed is Yelly Kelly.  It's like a modern spin on The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  I've blogged about it before.  If you want to check out some free ideas for this book, click HERE.

Want to check this unit out?  Click HERE.
I got this amazing feedback from Meredith over at Creativity to the Core this week!  I'm tellin' ya...if you like the Good Citizen will LOVE this one!

This week, we are in our sixth week out of six in the basal.  Instead of teaching the review lessons, I've decided to use my Fire! Fire! Unit! :)

I use two anchor literary, and one informational. Click on the images below to pick them up from Amazon!

We sing every day in my, of course, I have to share a 'seasonal song' with you! :) My kids LOVE this song for Fire Safety Studies!  We sing it EVERY YEAR! :)
Click HERE to try the song on You Tube!
Next up, visual plans!
Click HERE for the pdf version of these plans.